For Capital Pacific Bank, green is more than a color — it’s a way of doing business. We’ve grown beyond recycling and energy efficiency, developing a corporate culture of sustainability that has developed from the ground up. What started as a small group interested in starting a “green team” has culminated in a corporate-wide philosophy of local involvement, local economic success and protecting environmental resources — the pillars that drive everything we do.

People using business as a force for good.

From the break room to the board room, we are united in this belief: companies that value their people, their clients, their communities and the environment will be more successful and profitable over the long term. We’re honored to be a Certified B Corporation and to join over 1,100 other organizations from more than 121 industries in 35 countries who are using the power of business as a force for social and environmental good.

Involved in our local communities.

Giving back to the people and communities we serve has been a hallmark of Capital Pacific Bank since the day we first opened our doors. Our Board and staff members serve on a myriad local organizations and volunteer at an array of community events — both on behalf of the bank and for their own personal fulfillment. Corporate and workplace giving are a way of life. And by honing in on area non-profits and independent schools, we have been able to create long-term relationships and carve out a unique niche for a market traditionally underserved by the financial community. We understand their issues and needs, delivering the services and advice they need to remain healthy, viable businesses — businesses that greatly enrich the lifeblood of the community.

Invested in local economic success.

Capital Pacific Bank does more than offer loans and deposits. Our signature approach to banking is to offer value-added service to our clients. Personalized time- and money-saving products give our clients the tools they need to grow and expand their businesses. But that’s just the beginning. We also connect them to additional resources that make a positive impact and solve problems with their businesses. This helps our clients grow and maintain strong, healthy businesses that, in turn, strengthen our local economy and offer opportunities to others. We adapt and share practices to foster sustainability among other companies through our active involvement and support of organizations, while bringing educational resources to share with our clients and others.

Protecting environmental resources.

The sustainability program at Capital Pacific Bank goes well beyond the blue bin. It’s the breadth and depth of the materials we recycle.  It’s creative ways to save energy and conserve water. It’s the way we get to work, have supplies delivered and take care of our clients — both in and out of the office. And it’s how we look at everything we do through the lens of being environmental stewards.

Waste Reduction

A daily discipline and an ongoing challenge.

At Capital Pacific Bank, minimizing waste is a company-wide commitment. We recycle office paper, plastic bags, beverage containers, batteries and printer/toner cartridges, as well as compost our food waste. Our supplies are purchased in renewable, recycled or natural product form whenever possible. And our printed materials contain 100 percent post-consumer recycled content, plus soy-based inks whenever possible. We have even replaced all disposable products with reusable plates, silverware and cups. In short, sustainability now touches everything we do.

During a recent office remodel, recycling the construction waste was a top priority. To that end, Free Geek received two truckloads of unused computer equipment, while Goodwill received unused office supplies and other items. Other materials from the office and lobby — including our former carpet plus wood and marble pieces — were salvaged for reuse by Portland Rebuilding Center and two other local non-profits.

Green Choices

We take our daily commute seriously.

To reward the nearly half of our employees who take public transportation to work each day, we reimburse 100 percent of the cost of TriMet and C-Tran transit passes. In 2012, for the first time, we participated in the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s “Bike Commute Challenge,” which inspired many Capital Pacific Bank employees to ride a bike to work at least once a week.

Speaking of bikes, we have created a unique local partnership with B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery to haul away our recycling and transport it to the recycling center — via their electric-assist cargo trikes.

Energy Efficiency

Technology is at the heart of our efficiencies.

Our technology-based suite of products minimize the use of paper and improve efficiency, both for the bank and for our clients. Customer deposits can be made electronically, reducing the use of paper and trips to the bank. In fact, customers can do all their banking — pay bills, check statements, make tax payments, enter payroll and more — electronically through our secure web site.

By investing in energy-saving computers and services to improve energy efficiency, we have cut the desktop computing power we once used by more than 90 percent. Purchasing carbon offsets from our partner, the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, allows us to offset 100 percent of our electricity and water usage.

Honors and Awards

Proud to be honored for our commitment to sustainability.

We’ve been selected as one of Oregon’s 100 Best Green Companies to Work For four years running, and in 2013 and 2014, we were named among the top ten in the state. We’ve also earned the Climate Champions Award, RecycleWorks Award and BEST Award from the City of Portland, which honors business leadership in environmental, economic and social sustainability. Recently, our internal program was honored by BankNews 2012 Green Leaf Awards.


What is a Certified B Corporation?

As a B Corp, we meet a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.  It reflects our holistic approach to banking and the high value we place on our clients, our community, our employees, our shareholders and the environment.  By taking care of these stakeholders, we are building an institution of lasting value and adding greater value to the city we love.

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